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We take pride in offering exquisite products sourced from the vibrant Island of Sri Lanka. Rooted in rich heritage and guided by strong values, we bring you a collection that mirrors the island's essence-divers, authentic, and unparcelled in quality, Experience the beauty of tradition seamlessly woven into. modern elegance, as we deliver products that reflect the heart and soul of the captivating island.

where quality embrace


King Coconut and Coconut water unite in a harmonious symphony of taste and purity, a refreshing oasis for the senses.



Indulge in the exquisite allure of your cup of Ceylon, where every sip whispers the ancient teas in the abandoned forest, steeped in the elegance of tradition and the richness of flavor.

Plant based


Discover the enchantment of Plant Bliss Jackfruit and Banana Blossoms, where nature's bounty transforms into exquisite consumer products, embodying the essence of sustainability, health, and culinary elegance

Unleash flavor with the aromatic symphony of Ceylon spices and superfoods, where every bite is a culinary masterpiece, and each essence tells a tale of ancient traditions and vibrant vitality.

Taste of the


Savor the exotic allure of Taste of Tropics Coconut Products, where each taste bud is caressed by the whisper of coconut trees in Sri Lanka, and every moment becomes a tropical escape in a world of pure culinary bliss

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Harmony - Forest or sustainability

Inspired by the art of harmony, we embody a vision where consumption becomes a symphony of balance and mindfulness. Every product is a note, carefully crafted to resonate with nature, ethics, and your well-being. We invite you to embrace this harmonious journey, where indulgence meets responsibility, and together, we create a word where consumption is not just a choice, but a harmonious celebration of mindful living.

Community first - Coconut

We believe in frosting connections, embracing diversity, and supporting one another. Together, we build not just a brand, but a vibrant community where every voice is heard, and every member is valued.

Women equality

A courageous journey where every voice, every step, and every triumph illuminate the path to a future where all women stand tall, empowered, and equal.

Unparalleled quality

Excellence woven into every detail; our products epitomize unparalleled quality. Discover the art of perfection in every use, and let our products redefine your standards, promising a world of enduring quality and unmatched satisfaction.


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